Your dating guide for 2019

I don’t know how it’s nearly the end of January already! What goals and ambitions do you have for this year? Are any of them to do with dating and your love life? The New Year is the perfect time to rejig and refocus any area of your life that you aren’t 100% happy with, and because of this, and because it can be really tedious being single over the festive and new year period when all your friends are coupled up and have someone to be with at New Year!

So you want to refresh your dating life – now what?

There are so many great ways to refocus your love life and dating. Here’s some of my favourite top tips!

  • There is a massive selection of free dating websites and these are a brilliant place to start. They open up your dating selection pool massively as people are on the whole more inclined to try free dating sites UK before choosing paid ones as they want to try it out at no cost to themselves. Being free, they tend to have more members than paid ones too.
  • Ask friends and family if they know anyone who they could set you up with. Sometimes it can be hard to admit to people we are close to that we don’t want to be single, but they know us the best and so they are great places to start.
  • Try a new activity in order to meet new people with interests in common with you. Whether you meet someone on the actualy activitiy, or that just gives you the means to meet more new people through their social circles, it really does widen those social circles and opportunities to meet new people. Things you can do include attending an adult education class or a course. Whether you want to try pottery or poker, painting or paso doble, there will be something for you!
  • Dating is never easy, at any age or any stage of life, but there are things you can do to make it less stressful or anxiety inducing. If you have gotten so far as arranging a date with someone then there are things you can do to help! Pick a venue you know well, and which is easy for you to get to, ideally by public transport, or pre-book a cab – don’t rely on the date to pick you up and drop you off, as you don’t want them to know where you live or be reliant on them to get home.
  • Focus on the positives! We all have confidence issues, whether it’s body confidence issues, or just because you’ve been burnt before, don’t focus on the negatives. Whoever you are, you are wonderful and someone somewhere will love you for who you are, you just got to find them! Focus on the things you like about yourself. There is a balance between confidence and arrogance,  and just remember that, but if you are thinking about the things you like about yourself, whether it’s your eyes or your intelligence, that will show yourself off in the best possible light to the prospective date.

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