The impact of technology on our relationships

Technological advances have had a massive impact on our relationships. Whether it’s making relationships feel more disposable because we are a swipe away from another match, or whether it allows us to keep in contact  with friends and relatives that bit easier no matter the distance or time zones between us, technology has had an immense impact on our relationships.

When my sister was working abroad, Skype allowed us to chat and communicate as though she was just down the road. Through my travels I’ve met some amazing people who live all around the world. Facebook, whatsapp and email allows us to keep in contact so much easier. I can’t imagine not being able to drop my friends in Australia a message and get an instant reply. In fact, I’ll be right back – there’s someone I haven’t spoken to for a while that I want to message. If I owe someone money, I can send it at a click, or pay a bill with a tap. It has made life so much easier.

Right, I’m back! On the whole I think technology has had a really positive impact on our relationships, but there are definitely some negative aspects as well. I don’t know about you, but even when travelling I feel like I need to be permanently contactable. It’s hard to switch off and disconnect. Whether it’s work or family dramas, it’s hard to just cut it out.

Like I mentioned earlier – I do also wonder whether it’s made relationships that much more disposable as we are just a swipe, click or poke away from someone new.  It definitely has meant that the next relationship can be around the corner and therefore perhaps we put less effort in the relationships we have now. There’s also a major feeling of “the grass is greener” from our lives with technology now too.

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