New Year, New Dating Adventures

As the year comes to a close, it’s a great time to be looking for that someone special. January is the busiest time for online dating sites, because everyone who has spent the festive and new year period single, wants to find that someone special and the new year seems a perfect time. So how can you maximise this peak dating time?

Online Dating

First, join some online dating sites. A great place to start your search if you’ve never tried online dating before, start with a free site and you can find these with an online search for something like “free dating sites UK“. You will get plenty of choice as there are loads of dating sites in the UK – paid and free. Have a look for sites that appeal to you and if you can browse users before joining up, have a look to see if the people on there and their profiles appeal to you and make you think that joining is worth a go. Once you are joined, be flexible and open about the people you can possibly meet. Of course if there are “deal-breakers” such as wanting children, or being a particular religion, then you should stick to what you are looking for, but being flexible about other things can widen the pool of people that you can connect with. Whether it’s widening the age range by a few years, or expanding the search perimeter by a few miles or kilometeres, being flexible can mean you meet people you never may have otherwise. I know so many people who have met someone who perhaps were a mile further up the road than their original ideal plan, or perhaps don’t have a desired hobby in common, and yet have met their future husband or wife online.


Not sure that meeting people that you don’t know online is for you? Find a friend or relative who you trust and ask them if they know anyone who might be interested in being set up and going for a drink. You never know and if you don’t let anyone know that you are seriously looking, they might not even think to set you up. Once they know you are looking, you never know who might pop up on their radar in the future.

Evening Classes

Have you thought about trying an evening class? You can search online for local adult education classes or groups and try something new. They can be great ways of learning something new, as well as meeting new people who are interested in similar things to you. You might not meet someone you want to date, but again, it’s a great way of widen your circle and make new friends – who might in the future have someone they can introduce you to.

Getting out and about

Whether it’s an art gallery, a restaurant or a holiday destination, visiting new places can widen your horizons and enable you to again meet new people. It doesn’t even have to be new places. If you are out and about, don’t be glued to your mobile devices. Lift your head and smile, and look around you! You never know who you might meet! My grandparents met on a bus –  so just bear that in mind!

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