Mature Dating

As a “mature dater”, dating can be a minefield. Whether you are a seasoned dater, or are back in the dating pool after a long time away from it, it can seem overwhelming. The New Year is a perfect time to get stuck in and make the effort for that new start though.

A great place to start is to get your profile on mature dating sites. They will allow you to connect to people in a similar place in life and who have more in common with you. Never written a dating profile before? It can be scary, but here are some top tips to nail your older dating online journey and kickstart your 2019 relationship.


Use recent, interesting photos where you are the focus and ideally they shouldn’t have other people in them. Don’t use filters or things which make you look artificial – after all, you are looking for someone who likes you as you. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a bit of makeup or use great lighting or a pose, but there is nothing more disappointing than investing time in meeting someone online and then meeting them in person and they look nothing like they do in their picture. It makes you wonder if they are being dishonest about that – what else are they being dishonest about?! If you have any pictures of you doing unusual activities or in unusual travel locations – these can be great conversation starters!


It’s so easy to say you are looking for someone nice and with a good sense of humour, but your profile will not stand out! Try to think outside the box and be original. The more you can put on there, the more you will stand out and appeal to a wider audience. Again, it’s key to be open and honest. You don’t need to put your entire life story on your profile, but everything you do put should be the truth. Once you start communicating with someone, you can decide as and when you want to share more information if you don’t feel comfortable putting it all out there right away.


If you are using a site or app which asks questions as part of the signup and registration process, try and avoid one word answers. If you don’t have time to complete all the questions in one go, perhaps leave it until a later stage. It is really off-putting to see someone’s profile and they clearly couldn’t be bothered to fill out the questions and have one word answers, or worse, writing gobbledegook or just hammering away at the keyboard producing random characters to fill a space which has a minimum length preset! It can make them appear like they aren’t really that serious about dating and therefore aren’t a great prospect.

It might seem nervewracking writing an online profile and getting stuck in to the online dating world, but it’s a great way to meet new people. Online dating doesn’t have the stigma it once did, so if you aren’t sure of how your profile is looking, ask a trusted friend to read it over for you. A second opinion can be really helpful after all!


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