Local dating – top tips for local dates

Whether (like me) you are new to an area or not, there are definite perks of trying a local dating site. Just searching online for the area you live and dating site (so for example Shropshire Dating Site) will allow you to connect with other like minded local people. Some people are happy to embark on a long distance relationship (I’ve seen enough episodes of 90 Day Fiance to know this) but for the majority of us, we would rather connect with people who live closer to us, eliminating the need for lots of travel and extra expenses. It’s one of the reasons that I love using local dating sites – it just saves a lot of time, effort and money!

Wherever you live you can just get online and find great places that might be great for a meeting, or date. We are all used to meeting for a coffee or going for a meal or a drink, but sometimes they can be a bit boring. Thinking outside the box shows the prospective date that you are putting thought into it and looking into things which are a bit different and something with both of you would enjoy.

I gave the example of Shropshire earlier in the post, so what ideas can I come up with for dates in Shropshire? Well for people who like walking and/or the outdoors, there’s the super famous Offa’s Dyke Path National Trail. Whilst technically the trail does pass into Wales, technically it’s a Shropshire attraction which offers great walks, beautiful scenery and fabulous experiences in the outdoors. Perfect for a date with someone a bit more adventurous!

Not quite so adventurous? Well don’t worry – there’s plenty for you too. For the animal lovers amongst you, there’s the Exotic Zoo near Telford, or Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom. Both of these also offer keeper experiences and animal engagement activities so they are worth looking into for something a bit more special or out of the box.

Not a fan of animals? Well something completely different and very unusual is the Jailhouse Tours at The Dana Prison, Shrewsbury. The prison was built in 1793has homed 1000s of notorious criminals over the years. No longer used as a prison for actual prisoners, it’s been opened up to the public and it can offer daily guided tous, evening ghost tours,  escape events, prison experience events and history days. It’s definitely a niche type of location, but a great idea for the couple looking for something different.

Want something a little more traditional? Try the Ludlow Brewing Company. Not only do they do tours, but they do food and drink and so if a more straightforward and less unusual date is on the cards – this might be a great place to consider. They also do a variety of different events throughout the year, including concerts and live music, but also larger events so you could perhaps combine your visit with the Christmas Fayre or Spring Festival.

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