Is social media just a travel brochure for life?

Do you believe everything you see on social media? I hope not! I’m not accusing your friends of lying to you, but like a holiday brochure next to a building site or in bad part of town, they are only showing you their best side. I mean, after all, you aren’t going to book a holiday at a resort in the middle of nowhere and on a building site are you?

There are always going to be the people who all they do on social media is complain and whinge, but on the whole, the lives that people portray online are very different to reality and it’s because they are made out to be better than they are. Perhaps people’s motives aren’t to deceive, maybe they innocently want to focus on just the good stuff, maybe they want people to think they are “more” than they are, but whatever the reasons it’s not healthy for the rest of us. It is very hard for us in the world we live in today to not compare ourselves to everything we see. The word “enough” has a lot to be held responsible for. Whether it’s because we see ourselves as “not pretty enough”, “not clever enough”, “not thin enough”….. the list is endless. Constant comparisons and ultimately comparisons against things which are impossible to attain, and probably don’t even exist in the first place. Whether all people do is complain, or rave about their insta-perfect lives, just try and remember the holiday brochure analogy next time you are struggling with something someone posts on social media. 

I’m not saying get off social media – but if it’s something you struggle with, it might be worth a think – even if you just try it for a week or so. You would be surprised at the effect it has on your mental health and wellbeing. 

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