How to save money when dating

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive. Much as you want to impress the other person, flashing your cash is unneccessary and wasteful. Impressing someone with money is pointless – they need to like you for you after all.

Here’s some of my top tips to keep costs down when dating!

  1. Use free dating sites. There are so many dating sites and apps out there, but having tried a few, I can honestly say that the people on paid ones are no better than those on free ones, and in fact by using free ones you probably are opening yourself up to a much wider dating pool.
  2. Think outside the box. Dates can be cheap – picnics or walks in scenic places can be really lovely and totally original – everyone usually goes for a posh slap up dinner after all! It’s controversial but taking along a voucher or discount code is nothing to be embarassed about. It shows you are careful with money and don’t spend for no reason.
  3. Don’t buy a new outfit every time you go for a date. There will be things in the back of your closet you forgot you had which will feel like a brand new outfit. You can always borrow from a friend, or hit up a charity shop for a bargain!
  4. Date local! I know that by having a wide search area on an online dating app or site you are opening yourself up to a much wider pool of matches but if you start something with someone who lives nowhere near you, then already your costs are going to be much higher – whether it’s travelling to and from where each other lives or accomodation for those visits. It soon adds up and if money’s tight then why would you put yourself in that position to start with?

What other ways are there to save money when dating? Let me know in the comments below!

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