Festive no strings dating

The festive period is nearly at an end, as we head in to 2019. Have you ended 2018 where you’d like to be? Personally and professionally? Now is a great time to review your goals and aspirations for all things, as we head into the new year. All kinds of dating peaks at this time of year, as people don’t want to be alone over the Christmas and New Year period, or perhaps they don’t want to start the new year single, maybe they just feel that they are in a rut and need to try something new. Whether it is conventional dating you are looking for, with a long term plan of finding someone to settle down with or even marry, or it isĀ married dating or nostrings datingĀ you want, this really is the best time of year to get looking.

Many dating sites have special offers at this time of year, knowing that there will be a big increase in user numbers as the new year rolls around. Whatever you are looking for there will be a site for you. Just make sure to look around and do your research before signing up to anything expensive. As someone who has tried both paid and free dating sites, they both have their pros and cons. Some people say that people using paid dating sites are more serious and committed than those using free ones. I have found this to not be the case. Sometimes they are just drawn to a particular site, or perhaps a special offer. Whilst I am currently on both free and paid for sites, I actually find the paid for ones more frustrating, as you might come across a match who you think you are really well suited to and want to get in contact, but once you’ve reached out, you don’t hear back. On a free site you know that they are not interested (or not using the site any more) but with paid for ones, you just don’t know if they are interested or not, or whether they have lapsed their membership and therefore can’t reply at the moment. These paid for sites sell themselves on higher quality matching but then if you never hear back from any of them is it actually worth it?

Only you can decide that. It will depend what works in your budget and what you are looking for. If you’ve never tried online dating before, I would suggest you start with a free site, and see if it’s something that you might get along with, but equally if there is something that is very important to you and you would consider it a deal breaker (for example you only want to meet someone of a particular religion or profession) it might be worth paying the extra for the more niche and specialist sites.

Whatever you do, I wish you luck on your dating journey through 2019, and hopefully this time in a year we can reflect on what an amazing dating year we’ve had!


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